LPL-L 24-96 Вт

Model: LPL-L

Model: LPL-L

Technical specifications

Model LPL124-L LPL-1-48-L LPL-1-72-L LPL-1-96-L
Power consumption, max, W* 27 52 78 104
Luminous flux, min, lm 3857 7901 11940 15772
Luminous efficiency, min, lm/W 143 151 153 152
Rated voltage, V 110-305
Rated frequency, Hz 50-60
Operating temperature range, ºС -40/+60
Power supply Driver Mean Well type SLD, LDC with short-circuit protection functions (restored automatically after troubleshooting),

overload, overheating, pulse overvoltages, 3.75 kV

Color temperature, К 4000 – 5000 (special order: 2700-6500)
Light source LED block-board SMD with diodes Seoul (Korea) type MJT
Resource of effective work of the lamp (at 12-hour work), not less than years 1
Power factor(cosφ), min 0,99
Radiator housing: material of the case, coating Pressed aluminum;  anode oxidation
The cooling surface area of the radiator housing, cm2 1270 2540 3810 5080
Cooling surface area

radiator housing for 1 W of power, cm2

Dispersion angle (KSS) 800; 1000; 1200
Plafond (polycarbonate) Transparent or matt
Bracings suspended console for fixing on cable, ceiling and wall (regulated and unregulated) and bracket console with regulated angle
Overall dimensions  mm, and weight, kg. Suspension (LxWxH) 340х70х100
Overall dimensions  mm, and weight, kg. Console (LxWxH) 475х115х90
Ingress protection degree from enviroment IP54, IP65
Warranty -40/ +450С – 5(7)  years with a drop in luminous flux up to 5 (7)%

+45/ +600С – 5(7)  years with a drop in luminous flux up to 10 (14)%

* it is possible to manufacture any power within 27-104 Watts.