LPL-T 80-240 W

Design and technical features of LPL-T luminaires

Model: LPL-Т

bracings: regulated suspended console for fixing on cable, ceiling and wall

Technical specifications

Model LPL-1-80-Т LPL-1-100-Т LPL-1-120-Т LPL-2-160-T LPL-2-200-T LPL-2-240-T
Power consumption, max, W 87,4 107,4 128 174,8 216 258
Luminous flux, min, lm 12053 15756 18616 24106 31279 36067
Luminous efficiency, min, lm/W 138 147 145 138 145 140
Rated voltage, V 100-338
Rated frequency, Hz 50-60
Operating temperature range, ºС 50/+90
Power supply Driver (power supply) LED without electrolytic capacitors. Allows LED lamp to work effectively at ambient temperature up to +90 0С. The resource work of the driver is not less than 100 000 hours. Ingress protection degree IP68, overvoltage protection 12 kV
Color temperature, К 4000 – 5000 (special order: 2700-6500)
Light source single multi-crystal LED matrix COB or 4 multi-crystal LED matrixes SMD – Seoul (Korea) type MJT
Optics: industrial, searchlight single impact resistant borosilicate glass lens with requisite diagrams of light power curves
Operating lifetime (at 12 hrs/day), not less years 10
Power factor(cosφ), min 0,95
Radiator housing: cooling area, material of the case, coating 6200 сm2, 95% of the area – vertical edges; foundry aluminum; polyester powder paint
Radiator housing cooling surface area for 1 W of power, cm2 70,9 57,7 48,4 70,9 57,7 48,4
The thickness of the base of the housing (the mounting point of the matrix), mm 15
Bracings suspended console for fixing on cable, ceiling and wall with regulated angle
Weight , max, kg 6 12
Overall dimensions with bracings – max, mm (LxWxH) 325х160х340 530х160х340
Warranty +45/ +600С – 5 years with a drop in luminous flux up to 10%;
+60/ +900С – 5  years with a drop in luminous flux up to 10-40%
Latter LPL-Т

LED luminaires for operation in high outdoor temperatures