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Manufacturing Company “LEDPROFLINE” LLC designs and manufactures new generation LPL-1 and LPL-2 LED lighting with the power ranging from 60W to 260W (luminous flux from 8000 to 34000 lumens).  Components used in production are from world renowned manufacturers.  Our LPL LED lights are designed for lighting roads, streets, residential and non-residential areas including office buildings, manufacturing facilities, warehouse and retail premises, as well as other types of facilities.

LPL-1 and LPL-2 LED lights have the following advantages:

Light: LED COB matrix (Chip-on-Board) supplied from Seoul (Republic of Korea) and CREE (USA), offer superior performance and better operational reliability compared to discrete optical modules. Manufacturer guarantees operational life of more than 100,000 hours.

Power Supply: Mean Well (Taiwan) ELG can be regulated from 60W to 260W based on customer preferences, with adjustable lighting, protection against short circuit, overload, overheating, and overvoltage.  The aluminum casing offers improved heat dissipation compared to other analogues ensuring reliability and longer operational life. Manufacturer’s warranty is 5 years.

 Casing: designed and engineered in-house (from aluminum foundry), has small dimensions – 160*160*280 mm, has cooling area 0,64 m2, and has the ability to use a COB matrix in LPL-1 lights with power from 60W to 130W. In LPL-2 type lights we use double construction with power from 160W to 260W.

A COB matrix is attached onto the 15 mm thick base of the radiator (casing) using a special heat glue which ensures maximum and even heat emission with the temperature difference on all casing being no more than 10°C all over the lamp casing, unlike other lights which use discreet LED (the base of casing in those lights is only 4-5 mm).

The casing is coated with polyester powder paint which offers superior weather resistance, corrosion protection, mechanical strength, and abrasion resistance when compared to anodizing.

Optics: single lens made from impact resistant borosilicate glass.

Conductive compound: used to attach the power supply, improves heat transfer to the casing, increases reliability and prolongs operation life.

Fastening: we offer a variety of fasteners for installing our lamps on electric poles, cables, walls and ceilings.

The degree of protection from environmental influences (IP): IP65 to IP67.

Our LPL LED lights are certified to meet Ukrainian and European standards.

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