TOV “Ledprofline” is a vyrobnik of light-eaters of the LPL series of professional ryvnya, of high hopes, with a complete set of provincial vendors. The technical characteristics of the LPL series lamps, as a rule, outweigh the characteristics of the lamps of the large number of virobniks.

TOV Ledprofline is certified according to the ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system.

“Ledprofline” LLC was established with the purpose organization of production LED lighting of the LPL series of a professional level, high reliability, with a high-quality set of the leading manufacturers of the world. Technical specifications of LPL series lamps, as a rule, exceed the characteristics of luminaires of most manufacturers.

Ledprofline LLC is certified according to the quality management system.ISO 9001:2015.

The products have been tested and certified in Ukraine and Europe.

 In 2019 certificates of fire and explosion safety were obtained.
    Degree of protection against environmental influences IP65, IP67.

A utility model patent has been registered for the LPL series lamp.


The warranty of Ledprofline LLC for LPL series luminaires provides the following:

  • Operation in standard temperature conditions -400С + 450С:

 a guarantee of 5-7 years with a drop in luminous flux up to 5-7%, respectively.

  • Operation in conditions of high temperature:  

– +450С – +600С – 5 years with a drop in luminous flux up to 10%;

– +600С – +900С – 5 years with a drop in luminous flux up to 10-40%.

The guarantee provides a reliable work of the lamp for a specified period, subject to the thermal mode of operation.

In the case of failure of the lamp within the warranty period full replacement will be provided. Since  the enterprise has started to work (since 2016) there have been no such cases.

Ledprofline LLC has mastered the production of a model range that provides the most complete and effective interior and exterior lighting of objects (industrial, warehouse and trade space, roads, streets, squares, enterprises, institutions, organizations and other objects).

In 2019, for the first time in Ukraine, the production of luminaires for operation in harsh environmental conditions from -600С to +900С was mastered. To do this, the first world-created driver (power supply) LED is used in the lamp without electrolytic capacitors.

The experience of the implemented projects shows that the LPL series luminaires provide the maximum luminous flux with the minimum electricity consumption. The result – the optimum correlation of price-quality and the shortest (including the equalization of less qualitative products) the payback period of investment.

Ledprofline LLC is carries out modernization of lighting systems of enterprises (replacement of luminaires) by concluding an energy service agreement, which provides supply of lamps without prepayment and monthly payments for a specified period in the amount of savings on electricity.

In case of interest in this offer we provide the coordinates of responsible person.


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