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Ledprofline LLC is a manufacturer of industrial and street LED luminaires of the LPL series of professional level, high reliability, with a high-quality set of leading manufacturers of the world and excellent technical characteristics.

We offer to consider the modernization of the enterprise lighting system (replacement of luminaires) by concluding an energy service contract, which provides supplying of light fixture without preliminary payment and monthly payments for a certain period in the amount of money savings on electricity consumption.

The advantages of the proposal:


  • Replacement of existing luminaires on energy efficient without removing the working capital;
  • Monthly payments for light fixture in the amount not exceeding the difference between previous and new payments;
  • The term of the contract should be, as a rule, up to 2 years depending on the type of existing lighting, lighting calculations and the technical tasks of the customer (for example, bringing the level of lighting to the standards). After the end of the contract, the luminaires will bring savings to the company (a warranty period of 5 years, effective operation at least 15 years);
  • Free lighting audit and calculation;
  • Additional money savings on operational costs and the changes in electricity tariffs.


If you are interested in this proposal, we provide the coordinates of the responsible employees for more detailed information:


For orders
Alexander Korostelov   tel.  +38(067) 673 18 10, +38(067) 373 86 22– commercial director

Catherine Korosteova   tel.+38(067) 374 46 77 – manager


For technical issues and lighting calculations:

Volodymyr Chulanov        tel. +38(067) 671 23 73 – deputy director

A sample contract with applications can be viewed on our website ledprofline.com

Appendix: information material on LPL series luminaires.


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